Saturday, February 9, 2013

from slow speed to top speed in one day

Yesterday a started with planking of the floats in  the water reservoir it took two ours to get it hot. The foam was 60 cm wide. The result was not good after 15 minutes, the foam did bugle in all directions and was difficult to get in the frames nice. I was already thinking to do it the normal way with the paint stripper gun.
The next morning I altered the water basin to a small high one to give it a other try, this time I cut the 60 cm foam in pieces of 30 cm. This worked very good better than I aspected  in 1 minute and 30 seconds the foam was ready and we put it nicely in the frames. We push the foam with a thin layer wood in place.
Later I did this also with 40 cm pieces. I take 7,5 minutes from start to put the foam in the bag till finish (foam screwed to the frame). Tomorrow we finish the planking.

The result of 5 hours work

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