Sunday, October 27, 2013

almost ready for the outside laminate

This weekend I did some various small jobs, put some carbon on the nose and stern with vacuum. Laminate the hatch rim inside and outside, sealed the foil case with some carbon. Put some extra carbon on the place where the beams are mounted because I used the wrong carbon 300gr, this carbon had too many pinholes to seal the holes, so I use the 240gr carbon to seal the holes. On the other float I used two layers 240gr (I forgot), so this one is slightly heavier. The bottom is now nicely rounded and the rest of the hull is now smooth after some serious longboarding. The chainplate did get some putty and carbon to round the corners.
In the meantime I did get Thrill Seeker out off the water to bring it to the winter storage.
Next weekend I hope to do one side outside.

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