Monday, November 11, 2013


The Laminating of the outside was not so ok as it seemed in the beginning. When we did remove the peel ply there were still some sticky spots, I did try to correct the spots but the problem was bigger than it first looked. Fryday I started to remove some carbon and I came quick to the conclusion that the rest had to removed to. After analysing we came to the conclusion that the second batch of epoxy was not properly mixed. This was used on the under front and back side. I peeled the carbon off till it was not sticky anymore. After that I scraped the foam clean and put some putty on it to smoothed the foam and bond the rest of the sticky stuff. Saturday I scraped the putty and sanded the rest. I then put some carbon on the back on both sides. Sunday we put some carbon on the bottom side. We have still to do the front side to reach the point of last week.

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