Sunday, December 29, 2013

F32SR daggerboard

The last days I started with the preparation for the 32SR daggerboard, this daggerboard has the advantage that it fits before the mast, so it can be taken out without removing the mast. We want the head entrance behind the daggerboard case and this daggerboard is more high aspect so it gives more room for that.
 We had to adjust some on the balance because the main of the SR is bigger than the R. Nico did some calculation for me to get the boat in balance again. We make the daggerboard 20 cm shorter and move the daggerboard 2 cm to the front. In the drawing you can see the several daggerboards and the balance point. The total length of the daggerboard is now 310 cm. The foam is glue together into two sections because the full lenght does not fit in the router of Nico. On the edge there has to come some more HD foam but I run out of it so I have to wait till january. I did also some work on the daggerboard case, repair the imperfections, make the hole for the cheek block, trim the edges and stiffen the sides with stringers.


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