Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Little setback

Saturday I started with unpacking of the work of friday. After that I made a start with cutting the edge of the excessive foam but came to the conclusion that the laminate was not hardened enough. So I stopt with that en started to pull the peel ply around front bulkhead where the extra layer must come. After that I started to clean out the top floor so I could remove some more planks what are in the way to lower the other half.
I then had mishap that the latter did fall with me on it. I did hurt my shoulder, neck and back. A long story short was that the weekend was over for doing things and I spend the rest of the days laying on the couch . During the last days it was going better by the time even so good that I decided to race coming weekend with Thrill Seeker, so no building updates in the coming weekend.

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