Sunday, November 16, 2014

routed the window

Today I did the after top laminat of the daggerboard and filled the hole partially were the HD putty did boil. The window mold we did do together because of the lengte and vertical. After we put it on the right place we screwed it on the foam so I could cut with a stanley knife two edges. The first one was right along the mold the second was with a thin batten against the mold also seen in a early post. This make the routing muts easier and you have a straight edge. The edges are no also rounded ready to laminate over it.


  1. Arno, the window shape looks very nice! Just wondering if you've planned for the actual windowpane acrylic to be in 3-4 pieces per side, or one long piece? I ask because other F36/39 builders have told me they had trouble with expansion and contraction leaking around the single large windows. Perhaps breaking the window in to multiple panels keeps the temperature variation size manageable.

  2. Hi Greg, I know the window in one piece can be troublesome so I was planning to do it three piece. I did get the window cad file from Ian, this was the short version and a friend of my stretched it and cut it out of wood with a waterjet. Thanks for your concern, Arno