Sunday, September 13, 2015

making the backrest and coamings

Friday I started with the backrest, this did take some time to find out where exactly I had to put it. I also place the first coaming pieces. I had to quit early because I had to work in the evening at my work and Fetske was going to the Gunboat factory with our CTC club. She took the camera so I could not place pictures. Unfortunately Fetske was not allowed to make picture of the Gunboat G4. Yesterday we had a race from our harbor so no building. Today I placed the second piece of the backrest and put the large underside bunk panel in place. I put some putty on the edges of the accu access hole and I put some putty, foam and carbon in a bucket to make some round pieces for the coamings where the winches will be put on.

The only picture taken from a DNA A cat

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