Saturday, December 8, 2018

Canting rig option setup

I put some pictures up from my canting rig option
I used some Colligo blocks for the cascade
For the top I used the CSS71-0
For the cascade I used some stacker blocks SSB-6 and SSB-9
On the chainplate I did use the CSS91-0
On the chainplate I also used a low friction ring to guide the line aft.
On the beam I used a constrictor 8 to hold the line and a Karver block on the deck near the beam.

at 15 seconds you can see the setup
Sorry for the crappy sound camera is not 100% ok


  1. Hello Arno,
    That looks similar to what I am thinking about atm with an F85SR that I am racing on.
    You have obviously thought about this, and more importantly have some practical experience that I would very much appreciate if you could share.
    I am interested in your thoughts on how mast rake changes as the mast cants from the centre to The side.
    I hope my description below is clear.
    I am assuming 15 degrees of rake sideways. Is this too much in your opinion?
    When the hounds are 9 metres above the deck, that results in 2.4 m movement to windward at the hounds.
    Due to the forestay rotating from the bow of the boat, (when looking down from the top) the hounds must follow an arc around the bow which will bring the hounds forward by about 800 mm when the mast leans 2400 mm sideways.
    Is this your experience?
    Do you adjust the forestay to allow for this?

    Appreciate your thoughts
    Good sailing

  2. Hi Ray,

    I did not play with the setup, I only did tri it in the beginning but the self tacking jib tacked it self to the other side because of the geometry. It is a bit complicated to change the for stay to with my boat. Maybe I con a try it next season.
    Sorry I can't help you with your setup.