Monday, May 5, 2014

Hanging free

Today it is freedoms day and I was free but Fetske
had to work, so I disabled the frames on my one. Halfway the afternoon he was hanging free. I tried to turn it but that was too much to do alone. He has to go a little to the outside because the attic is to lo to turn it around but that have to wait till we are with the two of us. I repaired some carbon in the nose bottom what broke during the lift of and put some putty in some screw holes and seams.


  1. Nice progress, and seems to be a lovely boat. Good luck with your further progress!

  2. The last weeks the progress was not that big because we had to sail with Thrill Seeker. Saturday we did a long distance race again and we were the only finishers because of the bad weather. Today we canceled the other race so what can you do then ;-) turn a boat.