Saturday, April 11, 2015

glueing some more tubes and laminating the traveler bar

Yesterday I filled the traveler mounting points for the track with HD putty spaced every 10 cm.
In the afternoon we put Thrill Seeker in the water again. The main sail still has to be fit.
Today I sanded the HD putty on the traveler bar, after that I routed the edges. In the afternoon we glued some trampoline lasing tubes on the back and glued some tubes on the entrance. This is for putting a splash sail in the entrance like we have on Thrill Seeker. The next job we did was laminating the traveler bar with some biaxial and UD carbon and putting it under vacuum.
Finally I made a start to make a rim for round front hatch with the side foam 15 mm and the top and bottom 12 mm.

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