Sunday, August 30, 2015

laminating the backrest and coaming panels

Yesterday I glued the flanges under the bunks and then we went to look at the finish of the 24 hour race where my friend Rob was racing, on the end of the race the wind dropped so many did not make it on time. This morning I cleaned the bottom of Thrill Seeker for next weekend race. In the afternoon we laminated the panels of the backrest and the coaming panels. On the end I taped the underside of the bunk.

Friday, August 28, 2015

slow but steady progress

The inside take much time because you have to do many small things and make decisions how you gonna make it. Today I made new access holes in the other bunk. The edges are puttied. I made some finger holes in all the access panels, I made them 24mm. I did round the footrest and put some putty on the corner so have to round it again. The access flanges are already cut so I can place them tomorrow. I cut some foam panels again, this time for the bunk backrests and the comings. I have to repair my router to, it stopped when I was busy with it, I think it is the wire. In the mean time we also sail every weekend with Thrill Seeker.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

stick it al together

I started to drill some hole to fit the tubes. After that I did route the top of the bunk panels. There is now a small edge where the table can be put on when it is lowered to make a wider bed. Fetske cut in the meantime all the carbon pieces to stick it all together. In the afternoon we started with the footrest to glue and tape the top on. After that we glued and taped the tops on.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

making the footrest

Friday I started to make the footrest, the first step is to glue the vertical piece. Tomorrow I will glue a tube for a water hose and instrument cables in the footrest. I am also busy to prepare the other bunk so that I can glue the top on.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

making some more bunk panels

This morning we started to clear the top level where the laminating table is standing. We did put all the molds of the main hull to the ground and I will transport them to our garage later, they can be used later to make some frames to put the boat on it side for fairing. We have now some more space on the top floor. We then started with laminating three panels. The big panel is for the underside of the bunk and the small ones will be used for the foot rest. These two panels are made of four of cut strips of the floats. At the end I put the work of yesterday on its place, the plates have to be sanded but they fit already but a bit tide. In the afternoon we have to go to family so no boat building

Saturday, August 15, 2015

glued the access holes inner flances

I started to glue the strips first to the panels what were not in place yet. I then made the top of the step up to fit. In the afternoon I got help from Fetske, she prepare the edge from the access holes plates and filled them with putty. After that she cut all the stuff for tomorrow's laminating job. I made the after fore panels fit and glued the strips in the front access hole. As last job I glued the vertical bunk panel in place. The bottom is still not fixed and can be slight out so work in there is easier without it.

Friday, August 14, 2015

filling edges and taping

Today I started with cutting the panels to the right size and after that I cut another access hole in a bunk panel. In the afternoon I rebated the edges of the access holes to filled them with some putty. Next job was taping the front panel for the last time. I also taped a panel in the battery place and finally I put the step up in place and taped it on inside.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

making some panels again

I took some hours free to shop for some carbon and to laminated some panels. This time the panels are for the step up to the front and the vertical panel under the u corner bunk. The other big panel is   3 mm triplex what will be cut in strips for holding the access plates in the bunks. On the end I had some epoxy left so I did tape the seams in the front.

Friday, August 7, 2015

cutting some holes and glued the front

Last weekend I forgot my camera and did leave it on board after sailing so I did not take pictures from what I did Sunday. I started Sunday with cutting some square  holes. Today I cut some round holes for the Amstrong deck plates. I also cut some foam plates so that I have enough for two vacuum jobs on the table. I have run out of the breeder cloth so that is for next week. On the end of the day I glued the other half panel in the front and taped that on the underside to the other panel. I screwed the panel temporary to the foam edges.