Sunday, August 14, 2016

laminating the daggerboard first stage

In the morning we did cut six layers of UD carbon for each side . I first thought that I had to put two layers of biaxial but it had to be one and then the UD. We only do 6 of the total of 17 layers 300gr UD because it will be too thick and you get too much head build up. In the afternoon we laminated one layer biaxial 400gr and the six layers UD and put it under vacuum materials. Next time we will do the rest of the UD layers and when that is dry we make the profile perfect before we put another layer of biaxial on it. The plan is than to make a mold of the two halves before we put them together. On the end I laminated the recess for the Isotherm SP. and did some small filling of some spots.

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