Saturday, May 13, 2017

placed some cable ducts

I started the morning with sanding the rudder bracket and directly after wards I put some primer on it. The navigation lights bases were sanded and glued in place with some putty but I forgot to take pictures from it. I clued in some tubes in the back were the the mast support fits in so the water can come out
I then did give some attentions to some kickers for the bailers and the spinnaker winches. I drilled some holes for them and filled them with some bond what get very hard. This bond can be drilled later for putting some screws in, with the same bond I glued tread in place on the end of the traveler so I could finish the ends. On the end of the day Fetske did came to paint the rudder parts and I placed some cable ducts with 3M VDH tape and did works very well, I think I only place some screws on the end to be sure in hotter climates that it stays in place. I have to order some new tape because I had not enough for the rest of the cable ducts.


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