Sunday, July 2, 2017

laminating inside the foil cases

Yesterday we started with laminating the foil cases on the inside, there must be some layers carbon on the edges from the outside to the inside of the foil cases. We wanted the do both but we did run out of time and we had to go to a far well party from friends Trijnie and Hennie who are going to sail for along time over the world in there Grainger 40 tri Yana.
Today I unpacked yesterdays work what was done with vacuum and the result was very good. The next thing to do was laminating the other float foil case. In the afternoon we started to cut open the inspection holes. They were laminated over for the easy vacuum backing of the outsides. Fetske did grind the foam away so we could fill them with putty. We decide to close also the back temporary holes, they are needed to laminate the beams on its place but we are making there inspection holes.


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