Saturday, March 21, 2020

Colligo Cheeky Tang fittings

Today we did place the Colligo Cheeky tangs on the mast, Gary did a nice job for me to make the thru-bold exactly on the richt length and make some special lock nuts. The loop is going thru the side stays later when the mast is on the boat again for transport. The side stay has a loop but that it not big enough voor the tangs so I use a loop to do so.


  1. well I like this hardware. can you photo not only particular but with a larger part of mast to have idea of the whole system?
    besides this, I bought a F32 built in Italy with an alluminum mast (heavy indeed) I was thinking to mount a carbon mast. can you council me where is possible to build it?

  2. my mail il
    good wind and we hope to return to the wind at the end of this quarantine