Sunday, September 10, 2017

jointed the starboard side

Yesterday I had to work in the morning and Rob was coming to help in the afternoon but it all went different, when we arrived in the shed I did get a telephone call that some thing was very wrong and I had to get to work again. Rob and Fetske did prepare the beams and the hull will I was on my work. When I did come back they just finished the preparations and it was to late to glue it together. Today Fetske and did some keyhole surgery. On the photos it looks easy but is a bit of a struggle to bend your arms around the corner threw a small hole and looking in the mirror what you are doing. Fetske did bought a nice led lamp what fits nicely through the holes. The topside and the front horizontal struts still has to be done, maybe I can do them during the week when I take some hours free.

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