Saturday, March 21, 2015

preparing for some panels and cutting some port holes

Yesterday I had to install a new dishwasher so I only spend a half day on building. I cut the foam for the cockpit seats and glued them together. The big piece is 100kg/m3 and the smaller side pieces are 80, they are under the backrests. The 100 makes it stronger, when you sit on your knees there is a possibility you make dents on the seats if you use the 80 and I had still some 100 from the floats.
Today I had to get some tools to finish the install of the dishwasher, the tools were in the shed where Thrill Seeker is stored. After lunch I sanded the glue seams of the panels. After that I decided to cut the port holes, I forgot to make pictures from the outside. After the tea brake I started to put the vacuum table together. Tomorrow we start with assembling the toilet together of the Thrill Seeker and maybe in the afternoon we laminated the panels.

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