Sunday, March 12, 2017

Glued the rudder half's together

We routed the half's flat with the router tool and this worked very fine. Getting the half's out of the mold with a wedges was easy and it looked very good. You can see the in-print of tape we put in. This is for the carbon tape what comes over in in the front and the upper part. We glued the half's together with some carbosil and glass putty and put them under vacuum again. Before we glued them we put some screws in it so the half's stay on the exact position. In the afternoon Fetske laminated a plate of 5 layers 400 gr glass fiber. This will be used as backing plates and some other pieces to seal from the carbon. I painted the clear carbon pieces with clear coated epoxy. I hope the toiled is finished now so I can place it with some sikaflex on its place and finish this part.

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