Sunday, March 26, 2017

painted the rudder

This weekend I did not much time to post things because we had to go to our multi-hull club CTC, but works were still going on. We did prime the rudder and painted it two times. For now that is enough, it can now be used as a mold for the rudder bracket. I was a little worried about my motor mount how to set it up, but a small talk with Richard help a lot to get going on. Today I glued some panels together with some extra glass plates to the sides. It gives a bit more confidence now it gets it shape and I get more an idea how to make it.
Today I glued the kitchen sink in place and connected some hoses. The post for the flag is now in place, the base has to be painted before I can glue the post on it. I have now also drilled holes for the aft clamps, we use the 260 mm versions, they are a little big for in our waters but in Croatia you get rely thick mooring line so there it is handy to get some bigger clamps.

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