Friday, March 17, 2017

taped the frond of the rudder

During the week I did some small things on the rudder like drilling holes and sanding the edges. In the morning I started directly with the rudder. I first made a vacuum back and then laminated the pieces what I did cut before. When finished I started with the block in the dagger board case to glue that in place but I first put a line threw the block to the top of the case. I had not enough bolts so I only put them on the corners, the rest will be later put in place. An other thing I did do last days was mounting the water tap in the toilet room. This was time consuming because of the narrow space.
Drilling the hole for the tap was a challenge, you can do it only right in one time because of the clear carbon. I also did some work on the hoses of the toilet, not much to see at the moment. In the afternoon I did some small time consuming things like drilling holes for the end stops of the traveler. I did also some work on the instrument panel locker but did not take photos. On the end of the day the laminated of the rudder was dry and I put some putty on the front so I can be sanded to morrow.

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