Saturday, January 27, 2018

Installed the tack COS sensor

This week my tack COS (cross over switch) arrived, this one is needed to switch between the two logs in the floats. Yesterday we picked up some other stuff at Kniest and More marine so I had enough equipment to install. Fortunate Rob did come to help me with putting things together. We first started with the solar panels on the noses of the floats. The connectors are on the back so we had to drill some holes and put some tubes in them to seal the foam. We then had to sand the anti-slip away on the places were the panels will be clued. When that was done we drilled some holes in the foil slider adjusters. I made them ready last week. While Rob was sanding I installed the COS. This was not so big deal I only screw it vertical on a forward facing bulkhead. We installed some cotter pins on the beam. We also installed a T-piece to connect one of the logs on the NMEA2000 bus. On the end of the day I painted the places were we did sand to make the surface better to clue the solar panels on.

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