Friday, January 5, 2018

putting the cables back in the cable ducts

First you all a very good 2018 sailing season. Around the end of the year I had some flue so I did not so much we only puled open some cable ducts to see if we could fit the VHF and NMEA2000 cables in it also. After stripping some signal cable for the mast lights it was possible to put it in but I had nu NMEA2000 cable so it had to wait to close the ducts. I put some carbon on some tubes but I show that later. I made a sort of setup for the clutches with some old ones so I could order some.
Today I put the cables in the ducts and fit some connectors, I still have not all the parts of the NMEA2000 bus because they are on order. Now the ducts are closed it looks much better.

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