Sunday, November 6, 2016

lift the cradle of the hull

I started with putting a wedges between the hull and the cradle this was easy to do and with a larger batten between then the cradle did come loose. I did put some wooden blocks under the cradle so I could easy cut the edges away before we did proceed. We then pulled the cradle to the back and out of the shed. The front of the cradle made some scrapes on the hull because it is narrower than the back and I had not put some thing under it. The sides were rounded with the router and sanded, they get a tape later. We transported the cradle to our home because we have more space in the garage to finish it there. When did get back we did a trial fit of the dagger board and it fits very nice. I gave one side of the dagger board a blue filler and I did put some on the scrapes.

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