Sunday, August 6, 2017

beam trampoline tubes

I almost spend the hole day to grind the holes in the beam trampoline tubes. I started in the morning with sanding the holes in the float tubes so that there are no sharp edges anymore and then moved to the tubes of the beams. When I had done one tube most with drilling holes on the spots and grind the rest away with the Dremmel and power-file. The Fetske did arrive and we did use are mold from yesterday to route the holes. This was much quicker but not all holes could be done this way because of the rim on the frond side. If we had done a beam we trial fitted in the floats and trim the from rim were needed. This was a little workout to put the beam in the float and out again several times and put them upstairs again. Fetske had still one float to sand so I started with grinding the hole in the chain plates, not finished yet because I have to order some hardware to put in the chain plates. On the end we put some paint on the underside of the beams so that they are in a state to be mounted to the main hull when I have the bolts for the compression pads.


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