Sunday, August 27, 2017

some times things take longer than you expect

Saturday I did cut many bold's a little shorter but that takes some hours. After they were made shorter they were place back for the beam struts. Today I had the idea to use a piece of the strong back to clamp it to the end of the beams to check if the folding was ok and the beams are aligned correct.
One side was correct and the other side was still not good. We detached the beam strut and did come to the conclusion that we had to fill the hole and re drill them. We filled them with glass fiber snipers and some UD carbon. On the end of the day we made the flag pole, we glued a short glass fiber tube in the carbon tube. This is necessary because the carbon tube is 1 mm to thick and have to be sanded to fit in the post and with the other tube inside there is enough wall thickness.
For the remote tiller we are making a fork on the tube what fits around the plate of the helm post.

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