Sunday, November 1, 2015

continued with the sliding hatch

I started this morning to make a new mold for the sliders. This mold comes in the other mold and is made from two panels glued together to get some thickness. While the glue was drying I started with the fridge to glue the top panel in place and remove some foam so the panel can put on top again. Next was make a tube for on top of the backrest. I first sanded the top with a little tube a sanding paper concave so that the tube sits nice in the top. I than glued this one also in place.
In the afternoon Fetske did also come to help. She did the cutting of all the carbon piece needed for all the jobs. I finished the mold and screwed all the glued wood together. After a tea break we started taping the fridge top panel with some glass. The next job was the backrest, we put a tape over the top.
As a final job we did the sliders for the hatch.

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