Sunday, November 22, 2015

laminated the front of the coamings over to the sides

I started with grinding some openings in the back of the sliding hatch top so that the hatch can go out. I trimed also the top of entrance a little so that the vertical part of the hatch can pass over. The glas of the fridge entrance had to be trimmed also. In the afternoon I grinded the vertical part of the sliding hatch so it can be filled with putty while Fetske did cut the carbon pieces and peel ply. The first thing what we did was filling the edges and and put some putty on the fridge edge so that that can be sanded later. The next job was putting some putty on the underside edges of the top of the sliding hatch. We than laid a tape on the inside over the putty and the turned it over to put it on the deck where we put some tape. The last job was to laminated the coamings over, we also put some UD on the place where some lifting eyes will come.

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