Saturday, November 7, 2015

cutting some thru hull holes

Today my friend Rob did come assist me to make some decisions where to put the thru hull fittings.
But first we unpacked the sliding hatch and removed it from the mold. It looked very nice. We than decided were the fitting of the water cooled fridge had to come and drilled the hole. Next one was the waste water fitting. This one is a flush thru hull fitting so we had to rebated it on the outside with the router. We made some extra HD foam on the place where the fittings will come. In the afternoon we started with the sliding rails. For this we had to cut the access entrance a little bigger. We than cut the rails to fit on the right height. Next we cut the hatch sides to right hight and trimmed the back. We now could cut the sliding rails a little shorter, because we could determine the length the hatch had to move to the front. On the end of the day it slides very nice. Tomorrow I laminated it on the deck.

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