Friday, November 6, 2015

laminated the sliding hatch

Yesterday I took the sliding rails out of the mold and this morning I cut the excessive carbon from the sliding rails. When that was finished I cleaned the mold and put some new packing tape in it. In the afternoon Fetske did come to assist me, she did cut all the carbon and stuff while I did cut the foam, drilled some holes in it and put the vacuum stuff in place. We first put some peel ply in the mold and than we laid two layers 0/90 400 gr in it. We than put some putty on the foam and laid that on top of the carbon. Then we laid two layers carbon again and finally I put four small layer UD on the sides. This will be used as slider strips instead of the alu strips. I did the same with Thrill Seeker and this works ok.

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