Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy new year and a good 2016

A happy new year and a good sailing season. Our last days were not that good because we did get both the flu and did nothing on the boat.
To finish the last post of 2015 I made a rap up of the year what we did.

Januari we started with the cockpit floor and laminating the front beam mounts in place.
Februari we laminated the after beam mounts in place and laminated the outside of the frond and te back.
March we put the outside bunk panels in place.
April lashing tubes, traveler, laminated the front hatch, laminated the side panels for the outside bunks.
May was most of the time done to the bow and started with the inside bunk panels.
June rudder web with the stern panel in place and laminated the back floor.
Juli float transport,laminated various inside bunk panels in place.
August varius inside panel lamination.
September started making the coamings, the backrest of the inside bunks. We also did some racing with Thrill Seeker.
October started with the fridge and mast support base.
November we made the sliding hatch.
December we made the anchor locker, finish the fridge and coamings.

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