Saturday, December 12, 2015

taped the bunk edge

Started with to pull the screws out of the winch base and to grind the excess putty away. I then pulled the lid of the fridge and sanded the edges. I made half pipe in the back of the winch base to let the water out. On the end of the morning I did some putty on the lid of the fridge and put some putty on the underside of the base and filled the screw holes because they where not filled completely, I glued also a triangle in place to glue the end of the base on.
In the afternoon I started with the anchor locker, I first glued the front edge in place and then the vertical part was glued and partially taped. I than started with the bunk to tape the edges. As last job I grind holes in the after panels of the winch base. They will be glued in place tomorrow.

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