Saturday, December 5, 2015

laminating some panels for the anchor well

I started the morning to prepared the vacuum table. I than cut some carbon, bleeder cloth and peel ply. In the afternoon Fetske did come to assist me with laminating the panels, two for the anchor well and two for the septic tank. I made also two small HD panels for under the winches because the space is to narrow to fit my aluminium ring. I hope it will fit if I lower it a bit.
Laminating the panels went quick so we decided to do the entrance of the fridge to. We put some packing tape on the sides so I can laminated on it and the lit get the same dimension as the hole.
The inside will be later filled with Styrofoam. I put some packing tape also on the underside of the top so that they could press the glass down. I put some heavy objects on it. I still had some epoxy left so I did also the last edge of the step-up and with the last epoxy I made some putty to fill some imperfections of the sliding hatch.

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