Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy new year and a good 2016

A happy new year and a good sailing season. Our last days were not that good because we did get both the flu and did nothing on the boat.
To finish the last post of 2015 I made a rap up of the year what we did.

Januari we started with the cockpit floor and laminating the front beam mounts in place.
Februari we laminated the after beam mounts in place and laminated the outside of the frond and te back.
March we put the outside bunk panels in place.
April lashing tubes, traveler, laminated the front hatch, laminated the side panels for the outside bunks.
May was most of the time done to the bow and started with the inside bunk panels.
June rudder web with the stern panel in place and laminated the back floor.
Juli float transport,laminated various inside bunk panels in place.
August varius inside panel lamination.
September started making the coamings, the backrest of the inside bunks. We also did some racing with Thrill Seeker.
October started with the fridge and mast support base.
November we made the sliding hatch.
December we made the anchor locker, finish the fridge and coamings.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

taped the underside of the anchor locker

In the morning I taped the underside of the anchor locker. In the afternoon I had to think what to do next. After some measuring some things I decided to make the end panel for the bunk what will be also be used as the panel for a locker. After that I cleaned the anchor locker edges and some other parts.

Friday, December 25, 2015

First Christmas Day

This morning we did nothing but reading and taken it slow, we both had sore throat so we decided to take it easy today. In the afternoon we did some small jobs like the top of the backrest, the kitchen panel for the plates, the anchor locker edges and the underside of the control line space.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

control line blocks cut out in deck part 2

I was a little early home so I could do a small yob, I cut the foam away what was sticking above the deck and grind the rest so that it was smooth. I then drilled the over sized holes to fill them with putty so when I drill the holes later again the foam will be sealed of. I also glued a small triangle to the side so the hole to the inside is closed again. Tomorrow I will put some carbon on it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

started with the control line blocks cut out in deck

I had the afternoon free because of last Friday and I started to cut a hole in the deck for the control line blocks for the daggerboard. I put some HD foam with HD putty in place. The tulip blocks have the advantage that the corner of the line don't have to be in line. In between jobs when the glue was drying I glue some tubes on the backrest and on the panel for the kitchen.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

taped the footrest

I started to drill the holes for the winches and it all worked out nice. Fetske did come also to cut some carbon pieces for the footrest. I did cut some strips for the anchor locker. In the afternoon I first glued in the strips for the anchor locker, Fetske came to assist me with taping the footrest total 13 pieces not all on the easiest places. I than started with the kitchen first panel. this has to be laminated and if that is in place I than can decide how the next panel must be. I started with blocks for the daggerboard lines what will be like Sigi did with his Hi5.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

finally taped the winch base

Yesterday I had a course for my work so no progress, I started the day with grinding the excess foam away and route the sides. It did take all morning to prepare the winch base for laminating. In the afternoon I started to laminate a strip in the back of the anchor. Then came all the carbon pieces what had to put on the winch base. After a tea break I made the foot rest fit again and glued in place.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

taped the bunk edge

Started with to pull the screws out of the winch base and to grind the excess putty away. I then pulled the lid of the fridge and sanded the edges. I made half pipe in the back of the winch base to let the water out. On the end of the morning I did some putty on the lid of the fridge and put some putty on the underside of the base and filled the screw holes because they where not filled completely, I glued also a triangle in place to glue the end of the base on.
In the afternoon I started with the anchor locker, I first glued the front edge in place and then the vertical part was glued and partially taped. I than started with the bunk to tape the edges. As last job I grind holes in the after panels of the winch base. They will be glued in place tomorrow.

Friday, December 11, 2015

preparing the winch base

I started with some sanding of the aluminium ring on one side because it was still a bit to big. When they both did fit I drilled some small holes on the top where I thought they must be for the holes in the alu ring. When I did find the right place I drilled them bigger. With the screws now in place I filled the holes with some HD putty to seal of the foam. With the rest of the putty I glued the top on the lid of the fridge. On the end I cut some carbon for bunk edge for tomorrow. I cut some battens to put them in the edge to make a sharp angle. On the edge the table will rest on when lowered.
At last I started with the anchor well to make the edges where the lid will rest on. I only cut one so I have four to go.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

taping the bunk on the side of the fridge

I started to unpack the laminating work of yesterday, I then started to get the lit out of the fridge. This was not easy but it finally give way. The result was very nice, only some small imperfections what will be filled with some putty later. The HD foam disks for under the winch base were glued in with some HD putty. As last job for the morning the top was glued on. In the afternoon I filled the lit with Styrofoam. As last job I taped the after side and a part of the edges of the fridge.