Saturday, November 4, 2017

Genaker boom attachement

In the morning we did bring the molds for the cushions away and did some other not boat things.
In the afternoon I first glued the last plastic slider plate on the beam and then looked at the swim ladder how to mount it. I have decided to glue some pieces of foam together were the ladder will be mounted so it can swing down. After cutting some foam pieces I took with me I ran out of foam.
I then did gave some attention to the genaker boom attachment, the hole for the boom was to close to the pulpit so the boom hit it when we swing it to the side. First I thought to lower the pin, you can see the cut but then I realized that I could be done way easier to make a small cut in the upper part for the pulpit. I only now have to glue some smaller glass fiber tubes in it, what will be done tomorrow.

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