Friday, November 10, 2017

Trial fitting the cushions

I started with sanding the remote tiller tube for the last paint job and then demount-ed the mast-foot base. Two hole were to small and have to drilled out but den the anodizing is away and have to be redone. With the multi tool and a flat blade it went quiet easy from the deck. I then did take a look at the beam retaining brackets how I going to fix them to the beams and the main hull. In the afternoon I glued one of the two swim ladder supports. Fetske did get the cushions from the shop to trial fit before they will be covered with fabric. She brings the cushions tomorrow back to the shop to finish. On the end of the day I painted  the remote tiller tube and the nose were the genaker boom will be fixed. I then went home and put a extra support web under the step for entering the cabin, this was a little to weak.

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