Friday, October 14, 2016

Glued the dagger board half's together

Yesterday I put some more putty on the side's of the center piece to fill the left gaps. Today I started with preparing to glue the half's together, This time I used the other mold half to put the dagger board in. I did put some packing tape in the mold so that the half does not stick when some epoxy comes between them. I cut a piece of carbon to put between the half's to compensate the height of the center piece what is a very little to high. With one layer between them it is just right. In the afternoon Fetske did come to assist me with gluing the half's together. We first punt some putty on the foam and than laminated the carbon biax over it. We then put some putty on the other half also over the center piece and finally put some putty on the first half where the center will fit in this was well done so that there is enough to fill the gaps around the center piece. We that closed the vacuum back and put as much pressure as the pump can get (-0.95 mbar) to squeeze the half's together. After the tea break Fetske did leave and I did some sand of the last prime I did put on the hull so it is now ready to punt paint on it.

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