Sunday, October 9, 2016

Laminated the centre HD piece

I started with unpacking the mold and then glued the HD pieces for the control lines of the half what was used to support the mold. While that was drying I sanded the foam away of the after edges and bottom and fill it with a HD putty. I also sanded the inside locker so it could be painted later. On the end of the morning I cut the necessary pieces for the center piece. In the afternoon we rolled the HD foam in three layer bi axial and placed it between two wooden pieces to keep it striated. After a tea break we decide to put the boat level. We use the car jack to lift one side. When it was level we put the water line with a marker on the hull, this time the lines did meet at the front at the same height. The old lines can still be seen. On the end I painted the locker.


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