Sunday, October 16, 2016

Laminated the dagger board on one side

In the morning I prepared the dagger board to laminated one side. In this stage it weight just under 15 kg. I decided to do only one side because I can then sand the edges of the laminated so that you have a smoother surface were the layers lap over each other. An other advantage is that it is easier to do. In the afternoon Fetske did come assist me with the laminating, this was relative quickly done, so we had much time left. We did first a tea break and we than started with preparing for cradle again, I did find some old thick plastic what I put over the bleeder cloth to get some extra spacing. When that was in place we put a layer vacuum film over it to get a smooth surface. We already place the two layer of 625 gr/m2 on it. The vacuum back what is going over it all is glue on one side with tacky tape. At last we put some old vacuum film on the sides so that the stays clean when we are laminating.

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