Saturday, October 15, 2016

trimmed the edges of the dagger board and did a trial fit

In the morning I directly started with unpack because I was very curios about the result. After lifting out the dagger board out of the mold the result was promising. I did cut the carbon away with was coming out of the middle on the edges, after some sanding by hand the result looked very good.
I than did a trail fit in the dagger board case to see how much room I had still left for the other two layers and I have room enough so I don't have to weary about that. The dagger board has not much room to the sealing to get it in.
I then drilled the holes for the control lines, this was not easy because you have to drill to all the carbon UD layers. When I finally cut threw, I clued some tubes in place.
While that was drying I started to make a begin with cradle for the trailer like Phill did made for his F85SR. I tape the holes and I cut some glass fiber and some other pessary stuff.
Tomorrow we go further with the dagger board.

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