Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fitting the rudder bracket to the stern

Yesterday I took the afternoon free to get some materials what were made by Stainless products. When I got home I installed the traveler with some bolts, I did use the weld bolts and some large rings and it looks need. I also installed a missing hose on the toiled. Today its Kings day and we were free so I spend the hole morning with cutting the gaps for the rudder mounts. The most of the time is measuring and trimming because you can do it only ones right. In the afternoon I made a arm for the rudder and for the remote tiller post. The holes for the tiller post were also drilled and filled with some putty. The stern cut out were the rudder case fits in was also filled with some putty. On the end I glued the arms to the post and the rudder case. They will be laminated with some extra carbon tomorrow.

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