Sunday, April 2, 2017

Laminated the second step of the rudder bracket

This morning I realized that I made a mistake with the height of the bracket I did measure from the back from the design drawings, but we make a high aspect rudder that is slimmer so the front is lower now. I think it is still ok, but I have to put some extra carbon around it on the upper side. Releasing the rudder blade was relatively easy. The wax plate is still in tact. I cut the necessary pieces of carbon and cut a wedges out of glass what will be laminated with carbon. This is the spacer between the G10 tube and the bracket. I ordered the tube and have to wait two weeks before it arrives. In the afternoon we put the laminated on the bracket and put nine layers of carbon on its other with the glass spacer on top and press it together with clamps. We then had a tea break. I then decide to cut the inspection access holes in the water ballast tanks. I need dose holes also to reach the bolt of the motor track and the bailers. I filled the edges with a glass putty. It was still to early so I diced to drill the hole for the Spinlock gas throttle. There was a nice template a calk paper enclosed with it. After some measuring were to put it exactly I put the template on the side with some tape. I then drilled the holes threw the template. The big hole was drilled after removing the template. I then wanted to do a trial fit and I did  see that the holes did not align with the real front plate. After some measuring of the front plate I did see were the problem was, the dawn thing was not on a 1:1 scale but a slightly smaller. So lesson learned first check before you drill. I filled the holes with putty so they can be drilled again. As last yob I put some Armaflex around the hoses and the connectors under the sink so they cant slam to the sides. At the end I did a fit of the wash boards.

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