Sunday, April 9, 2017

put some silicone kit in the window seams

I started with some sanding of the motor mount and made some gliding strips for under the mount. We then did the taping of the windows to get ready for the silicone kit. After the lunch we started with the kit and this was much faster than we did with Thrill Seeker. When the windows were done we did a tea break. The next job was drilling the holes for the gliding strips on the floor. After the holes were drilled on the right position we made them what bigger so we could fill them with a glass bubble putty. We also put a layer of glass on the underside of the motor mount. On the end I mounted the genaker winches. The youtube from boatworks today helped a lot.

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  1. I used the following tape at
    3M VHB 5952, dikte 1,1 mm, breed 19 mm x 33 m, zwart
    The kit I used is Dow Corning 791 Zwart 310ml and only two tubes are needed.