Saturday, April 1, 2017

laminated the first step of the rudder bracket

We started in the morning with laminating five layers of 400 gram carbon to form the bracket. There are also some UD carbon pieces involved on specific places. This was the first step in the process. Tomorrow I can make a wedges what fits between the G10 tube and the bracket. This is to angle the rudder 6 grade to balance it. In the afternoon I first started with sanding the motor mount and make the holes fit for the tube to attache the motor. One nut was still stuck on the tube and I don't get it lose. For the moment it is ok, I had still some tread left on the other side to fit a nut on it. I trimmed also some sides to let the motor better fit. I also looked at the Spinlock gas throttel. Then Fetske did drop by with some tea. After the break we trial fitted the motor and measured were the track had to be placed. I shorted the track and drilled the holes in the deck. The next job was to cut the sliding strips for the motor mount on the deck and routed I nice edge on it. They also protect the deck from the motor tail. While I was doing that Fetske did paint the wash boards again and the flag post.

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