Saturday, April 15, 2017

glued the rudder bracket tube in place

I started the day with drilling holes for the motor mount to fit on the rail, this did take some time because the tolerance for the holes is small. When that was done I started with the remote rudder post, I make this out of a 40 mm PVC tube with carbon around it. In this tube fits a 32 mm PVC tube and in this on fits a 25 mm steel tube. The post fill be fitted under the traveler. After the lunch I started with the bailers for the water ballast tank, I had to modify one because that one will be fitted the other way around to fill the tank. I drilled the valve away. I drilled the holes to the outside and counter sunk them on the outside. Then Fetske did arrive with some stuff from Farrier marine, I had order some tubes and bushes. We first did a tea break and I then glued the tube in place, Fetske had to do some shopping and would return with some winches for on the cabin roof. In the meantime I did some clear coated epoxy in the water ballast tank. When Fetske did arrive with the winches we mounted them with some Sikaflex. I later came to the conclusion that the bolts were a bit to long so they have to be shorted later. Fetske did some cleanup of the shed because our parents come to visit tomorrow and it is always better working in a clean space.

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