Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trial fit of the outboard

I first trimmed some edges of the rudder bracket and than placed it in front of the heater to bake it. I then mounted the water pump. Fetske did then come to assist me with the outboard to do a trail fit  on the motor bracket. The motor fits nicely but I have to see how easy it is to put the motor in and out off the water. We must make metal piece to lock the outboard in place when it is in the water. We did leave the motor in place and made the cut out a bit bigger. I then grind some foam away and filled it with putty. The post for the remote tiller gets shape as well, I made some bearings out of the UMPH plates. After the lunch we went to Thrill Seeker again to do the final anti-fouling. When we did get back I did some trimming of the rudder bracket and started with a cut out for the rudder.


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